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Year : 2020
Country: USA
Short Description of the Movie Diving with Dolphins: Diving With Dolphins chronicles the making of Disneynature's Dolphin Reef, the story of a young Pacific bottlenose dolphin named Echo. From wave surfing with dolphins in South Africa to dancing with humpback whales in Hawaii, filmmakers go to great lengths - and depths - to shed new light on the ocean's mysteries. To locate and cast their lead and supporting characters, Disneynature filmmakers partner with marine life experts and scientists, traveling to stunning locations such as the Red Sea, French Polynesia, Sipadan Island in Malaysia and the islands of Palau. On their global aquatic journey, the team captures remarkable bottlenose dolphin behaviors rarely seen in the wild, including a little-known ritual involving gorgonian coral, synchronized swimming while sleeping, and a fascinating, cooperative hunting strategy called mud ringing. The crew, many of whom have filmed marine animals for decades, faced some unusual underwater challenges. How do you safely capture underwater ...

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Stars: Celine Cousteau, Doug Anderson, Paul Atkins, Paris Basson, Steve Benjamin, Carl Elkington, Laura Engleby, Roger Horrocks, Denis Lagrange, Tad Luckey